VW PASSAT B6 Passat B6 / 3C Inner Tail Light – Skyline lights / part 1

Here you can find some information about VW Passat B6 Inner Tail Light (Skyline lights) .

In the video I will show you how to order the VW Passat B6 Inner Tail Light printed circuits board for skyline leds rings.

At the bottom of the page you can download the gerber project. You can upload it to www.jlcpcb.com, www.pcbway.com or other sites for pcb manufacturing. On the www.pcbway.com you can place the order from here.

In the archive you have a pdf file for ironing method.


I tested it with two-color PLCC4 50mA leds from China and 1206 smd resistors. I have a ring from the original lamp and I compared the brightness under the same voltage. The brightness of the LEDs depends on the type of LED you use and of course the value of the resistors.

I used 360 ohm  1/4W resistors for the red leds and 220 ohm  1/4W resistors for the yellow leds, but as I said, I compared the brightness of the rings with the original lamp brightness

Leds and resistors

LINK 1 or LINK 2 for Chinese leds which I used for testing

OSRAM LSY T67B Leds – Original OSRAM leds


TUTORIAL from  http://www.angelico.ca/

RESISTORS CALCULATOR: http://ledcalc.com/

30mA leds


50 mA leds


The password of the archive is: rohdvest.ro

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