Audi A4 B5, 1.6 liters, 1995 IMMO OFF

In this post I’ll show you another old school job, Disable the immo for an Audi A4 B5, 1.6 liters petrol, from 1995,


EEPROM location,

After removing the ECU from the car, I disassembled it, identified and read the eeprom memory with the immo data,

Immo off program interface,

I created a small software program with which I automated the immobilizer deactivation process,

Set write protect,

It is very important to know that, after writing the modified file in the 24c02 memory, the eeprom must be set in write protect mode to avoid immobilizer reactivation.

Immo box location,

In the car, locate the immo box, remove its connector, then identify pin 9 and 10

Immo box connector wiring for OBD ecu diagnostic,

To be able to diagnose through the OBD plug on the engine module, connect pin 9 to pin 10 of the immo box connector

ECU bench connections,

After soldering the memory and reassembling the ECU, it can be powered on the bench. You can check if the immo is inactiv with the VCDS.


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