How to replace the exhaust gas temperature sensor B1 S3 P242A Passat B6 2009 CBAB

In this post I will show you How I replaced the exhaust gas temperature sensor B1 S3 for a VW Passat B6 2009 CBAB.

You can watch this youtube video for more detailed steps.
Tools used in this video:

Mustool MT8206

Hot Air Gun


The exhaust gas temperature sensor B1 S3 G495 is responsible for measuring the temperature in the DPF regeneration process.
It measures the temperature of the gases at the entrance to the DPF.
The car was running as usual but the warning light from the plug system started blinking in the dashboard when the sensor was broken.
I always carry a KONNWEI OBD2 Scanner in my car and it showed that the error came from the DPF: P242A

PTC sensor

03L906088AJ – G495 is an PTC sensor, it increases its resistance as the temperature rises.
At room temperature, around 23 degrees Celsius, the multimeter showed 214 ohms. As the temperature rose on the sensor, its resistance started to grow. When it reached 381 ohms the measuring stopped, then it jumped to 480 ohm sand then it stopped showing the resistance correctly, jumped to kiloohms and megaohms. After it cooled off it was working normally again up to a temperature of approx. 400 degrees Celsius.

350 ohms corresponds to a temperature of 200 degrees Celsius and 488 ohms stands for 400 degrees Celsius. At 800 degrees, the resistance is of 740 ohms.

The sensor wiring has a brown connector, and it is attached to the car body with clamps, behind the turbocharger up to the DPF.

To remove the sensor from the DPF  I used a 17mm wrench.

To make it easier for me, I made a wrench which I used for mounting back the sensor. This allowed me to make wider moves when I tightened the sensor. I also needed a lantern and a beer.

I have not taken down the DPF to change the sensor, I borrowed one to exemplify on it.

In conclusion, if you have errors on some components of the DPF system, investigate and solve the problem quickly, otherwise you might wake up with a clogged DPF.
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