RCD 310 Blaupunkt – How I found the pin code

You need a 95128 memory programmer, a power supply, soldering tools, a windows computer, a hex editor and time.

  • Original dump from 95128 eeprom

  • Modify the original dump with FF from AE0 to CD0 and write it back to 95128 eeprom

  • Start the unit and wait a few seconds. Turn it off. Read again 95128 eeprom and see what value you have at address: B50 and B54

  • Make XOR operations: 1 XOR 1 = 0 (red highlight) and 2 XOR 1 = 3 (blue highlight). The code first 2 digits are 03XX

  • I made a mistake in the video but I think you got the point

  • Now you must write back the original dump to 95128 eeprom and use brute force method to find the last 2 digits. Every 2 attempts you must reset the counter by writeing again the original dump to 95128 eeprom or reset it with carprog.

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